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Random Bob is born

2007-11-22 11:17:01 by sickfish

A year ago I came up with a character based upon those people that always seem to interrupt my conversations with completely irrelevant insertions.

The other night I was in a funny mood (normally I'd have been playing World of Warcraft but I've been ill recently) and I felt like creating something in Flash so I thought I'd try a concept movie of Random Bob.

I knocked together the idea in a relatively short space of time to see if it would work. I was quite pleased with it to be honest. The voice was awful (I hadn't even edited the sound files so clicks and pops are still audible) and the animation sucks if truth be told. I honestly didn't spend alot of time on this.

I decided to post it to the portal anyway so that I could get other people's reactions to the concept.

Unfortunately for me people have paid more attention to the quality (which is odd considering how BAD some flash submissions are here) than to the concept so I'm grateful to everyone that scored it high enough to get past the initial judgement phase.

I promise that the next one will be of much higher quality. :)

Random Bob is born


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