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Random Bob rides again (or will do soon)

2007-11-23 05:03:56 by sickfish

I was going to do a completely new Random Bob animation after seeing if the concept one worked but based on the comments I've received (which were no surprise and I agree pretty much with all of them), I've decided that I'd rather redo the first one so that looks (and sounds) right.

If I ever make a series of Random Bob (and I probably will) I don't want the first one to always haunt me as being labelled, "the crap one".

Needless to say, this one will take me a bit longer as I need to record proper sound files and create lip-syncing for each phenome. I've already written the story and dialogue so this one will be longer than the concept too so hopefully some of you will be able to forgive me for the first one when you see the results. :)


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